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Plantation at Papua New Guinea

Plantation at Papua New Guinea

JoinLand Group runs the plantation operation at "New Hanover Island". In order to operate at a maximum efficiency, we own several plantation companies that concurrently handle the estate with a lease title of 90 year and the land size of approximately 98,100 hectares.

Up-to-date, we have already planted 1,000 Ha of the estate. We currently have a ratio of 8.95 trees planted versus one tree cut down (Total Trees Planted = 299.949 Divided By Total Tree Cut Down = 33,517).

These activities are being undertaken for the purpose of:

• Boosting regeneration rates of clearing areas while also contributing in forest resources management, environmental protection as well as flood control
• Meeting the ever growing demand for wood fibre and non-wooden products, while aiding and contributing to preservation services such as energy and carbon sequestration
• Ensuring high yield and superior rubbers and cocoas by planting high quality seedlings that were cultivated.