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The Group's Investments

The Group's Investments

JoinLand Group of companies has established itself as the front-runner in the diverse areas of activities, namely Real Estate Management, Forest and Agriculture Management.

JoinLand Group has been continually growing and expanding and has recently ventured into medical and health industry, investing in Pacific Healthcare, Singapore’s Medical Specialist Hospital, poised to be one of the largest specialist's healthcare group in Singapore.

In the Forest and Agriculture Management sector, JoinLand Group has invested in swiftlet farming, to encourage and facilitate the exportation of the swiftlet nests both in their raw form and the finished product to further boost and generate extra revenue and foreign exchange that is positive for the county’s economy.

JoinLand has set its goals into creating one of the most popular brand with strong brand recognition in the food retailer chain across Asia Pacific with 40 retails in New Zealand within three years.