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Fangchenggang City, China

高铁3号位于防城港市港口新行政区,坐落在防城港市三站合一(高铁站、在建中的长途汽车站、在建中的公交总站)的重交通枢纽,是城市快速发展区域,也是未来防城港市高端的行政、商务聚集区域,更作为防城港对外的窗口。聚集城市鼎盛人气,筑造风尚人居。三站合一旁,又紧邻新行政区,高铁3号拥有如此完善的城市资源和交通条件,所在之地汇聚城市鼎盛人气,更依托北部湾经济的发展和城市一体化的推进,地段价值日趋增长,且北站商圈作为未来的主要商业区,已逐渐拥有大量的酒店、商业零售等设施,随着北站的区域发展,周边的楼盘也变得炙手可热。高铁3号身在其中,将是一支巨大的高速成长潜力股,更将会是有眼光的您的选择。 项目总用地面积32214.342㎡,总建筑面积142367.25㎡,容积率为4.47,建筑密度为33.24%,绿地率为30%,机动车停车位830个。由3排天地楼独栋住宅以及3栋高层住宅组成.
Joinland Group invested 8 units shoplot in this property which is located in the new port administrative district of Fangchenggang City. It is located in the three-station integration (high-speed rail station, long-distance bus station under construction, and bus terminal under construction) in Fangchenggang. It is a rapid urban development area and the future The high-end administrative and business gathering area of Fangchenggang City serves as a window of Fangchenggang to the outside world. Gather the city's prosperous popularity, and build stylish human settlements. The three stations are combined next to the new administrative district. It has such perfect urban resources and traffic conditions.
The place where it is located is gathering the city's prosperous popularity. Relying on the economic development of the Beibu Gulf and the advancement of urban integration, the value of the location is increasing. Moreover, as the main commercial district in the future, the North Railway Station business district has gradually possessed a large number of hotels, commercial retail facilities and other facilities. With the regional development of the North Railway Station, the surrounding real estate has also become popular. High-speed rail No. 3 is among them, it will be a huge high-speed growth potential stock, and it will be your choice with foresight.
The total land area of the project is 32214.342 square meters, the total construction area is 142367.25 square meters, the floor area ratio is 4.47, the building density is 33.24%, the green area ratio is 30%, and there are 830 motor vehicle parking spaces. Consists of 3 rows of single-family houses in Tiandilou and 3 high-rise houses.
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Investment / Malaysia

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Investment / Malaysia

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Investment / China

Marina Bay Qingdao, China

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Investment / China

Fangchenggang City, China​

Joinland Group invested 8 units shoplot in this property which is located in the new port administrative district of Fangchenggang City