Our Company is committed to be the pacesetter in all our business activities

Our Projects

Swiftlet Farming

Our company has been established the business since the year of 2010 and it has achieved a successful grown of the number of bird nest per house.

Plantation at Papua New Guinea

JoinLand Group runs the plantation operation at "New Hanover Island". We own several plantation companies that concurrently handle the estate.

Real Estate Management

“Where True Luxury is Leisure”. Over the years JoinLand Group has acquired Real Estate network operating in Malaysia, Singapore, Australia and China.


JoinLand Group currently invest in seven organizations over 4 different countries which are Malaysia, Singapore, China and New Zealand.

Pembinaan Uta Jaya

Pembinaan Uta Jaya Sdn Bhd incorporated on 13th May 1996 recognized as Bumiputera contractor in Malaysia.

The Group's Investments

JoinLand Group of companies has established itself as the front-runner in the diverse areas of activities, namely Real Estate Management, Forest and Agriculture Management. . .